Thursday, March 4, 2010

My process

Happy belated new card Wednesdays!  I have been super busy this week, so Wednesday came and went!
I realized that I haven't shared my process of card making. I think that it is time to reveal to you what it means to create, share and sell handmade cards.
I find that I enjoy creating cards from the stamps. I see a set or an individual stamp and I build a card from there. I choose particular ink or colored paper based upon my mood, the ribbon I want to use or the style I want to create. It really comes from my head. Sometimes I find inspiration from the beauty of flowers, trees or plants I see outside or even from my daughter's outfits. I even dream card ideas sometimes. Whatever triggers my thoughts to create a card, it evokes free-flowing ideas that seem to pour out through my fingers as they work to make a thought a reality. It is a wonderfully freeing feeling once that thought becomes a reality. It is such a rush when it is made and is what I envisioned. Below, you will see a stamp and the cards that I have made from it. One of them will be for sale on etsy today. Enjoy!

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