Sunday, January 12, 2014

Thank you...

In my opinion, you can't thank people too much.  But you can thank people too little.  I think that we forget about thanking the people in our lives that mean a lot to us, like your spouse, mom or kids.  I think that we forget about thanking the people in our lives that do a lot for us, for that matter. Like, your gardener, coach or dog walker.  It's important to thank someone with a note, small gift or a handmade card.  Why not say thank you to four people with this original card set.  

It will let someone know that you are thankful for what they did or do everyday for you.

Friday, January 10, 2014

No excuses...

I have no excuses for not keeping up with my blog.  I just want to try to do my best to post more than before.
What I'd like to introduce today are my current Valentines.

These little Monster hugs are so easy and fun to create!  We created these in my January stamp club last Saturday using the Stampin Up monster hug kit.   The little monsters come all ready pre-cut and printed. So, I added the googly eye, handwrapped the chocolate with designer paper and punched out a heart with glitter paper for some extra sparkle. ;)

I'm selling these completed with Hersheys nuggets at my etsy shop.  I'm planning on making some for my daughters' classmates, which I think they will love.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Momma told me....

Recently, I was put on mandatory bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy. The day before my baby shower (almost 4 weeks ago), I had premature contractions, which made me have to go to the hospital. I am fine and so is the baby and it has given a lot of time to rest, make cards and update my etsy shop online with all my current inventory(

It all seemed to be perfect timing when I was contacted, only days before, about being featured on a blog called "Momma told me..." at It's a very popular mom's blog that features reviews and giveaways of many different companies online and traditional. I will be one of a group that is being reviewed on her Winter Wonderland Blog Carnival.

She will be reviewing my etsy shop and its products on Nov.2 at 9PM PST. She will be hosting a giveaway, which will be a $15 gift card at my shop. Also, I thought that I will host free shipping for all products from Nov.2 through 7 through my etsy shop. Please stop by my etsy shop and her blog to take advantage of these great cost savings opportunities! Remember Christmas is just around the corner!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Candy cards galore!!!

Well, I have created a lot of new, beautiful candy cards for the Halloween season and some other ones too. I enjoy the uniqueness of the cards that I make with real candy, which range from jelly beans to gumballs. Where the customer can dictate what's inside, like coffee beans or candy corns. It is fun and adds another element to my already very detailed work.
Please take a look at some that I have for sale on etsy. You won't be disappointed. Like this one!

Here's a sneak peak of my Happy Birthday series that is not on sale at etsy yet!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hello Halloween!!!

I know Halloween is more than two months away, but I just started working on my new Halloween cards. I loaded some of them on my etsy shop ( and have had some interest. I definitely think that the photos don't show the detail of new techniques that I have just learned with some fun, new tools. I just purchased a Cuttlebug, which dry embosses and cuts, along with some other fun, embellishments. I find that I still like the simple, elegant style that I usually produce but now there are much more elements used that create detail that I didn't have before. You can see this change in my work from one year ago to now in just the Halloween cards.

Straight forward design and elements (one year ago)

Much more layers of design, texture and color (now)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Custom card orders

Sorry for not posting any articles for a while. I was very busy with my personal life and custom orders that I didn't have time to write. Hopefully, now I will be able to maintain some articles for the next few months. Then, I will be very busy with our new daughter who is due in November.
Well, I feel so lucky that I have gotten custom orders from both my Etsy online shop and craft fair participation. It feels really good when you create unique cards for someone from just mere ideas and sketches. I feel that I have done my best work in custom orders. It enables me to create in a more risky and challenging manner, which makes me strive to create something more complex and difficult. I hope you enjoy seeing the process unfold through some sample photos below.
First, the client makes a request for something that resembles an already created card but with different designs, colors or style. Sometimes it is created from just an idea that is completely different than what I have created thus far. Second, depending on the level of originality, difficulty and complexity, I will either email the completed card or a sketch to be approved by the client. Third, I will create or modify the card, per the client's feedback. Fourth, I will email a completed card photo to the client for final approval. Finally, I will either load the card to Etsy for purchase by the client or receive payment by mail and then mail the custom order to the client. This process can take a few days or a few weeks depending on the size, originality, difficulty and needs of the order. I do my best to accomodate all expectations of the client. I enjoy working on my handmade cards and feel very fortunate to have clients that enjoy my work. So, if you need any cards with specific needs and wants, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Mother's Day cards...

So, first off, sorry for the two week break on New card Wednesdays. I have had a string of custom orders that made me very busy, so I had no time to squeeze for writing articles. I appreciate those of you who still came by to check in on the new articles.

So, I know that I jumped the gun when I posted my Mother's Day cards before St. Patrick's Day and Easter, but I couldn't wait because I was so enthusiastic about sharing them. Well, in honor of my participation in the Mother's Day mini-boutique and wine tasting on Saturday, May 8th from 2pm-6pm at the Pleasant Hill Wine Merchants shop (, I will be debuting more Mother's Day cards this week and next. Also, there will be Father's Day and wine cards introduced in the coming weeks. Check out the newest ones now!

These are Mother's Day purses! Well, they're cards that look like purses. You create these card purses by using dual-sided, coordinated paper, which you fold once and then cut on an angle on each side. Then, you fold the top of the paper again, which gives it the purse look. I used velcro to "close" the purse and added flower accents (some dipped in glitter with a diamond-like center) that represent the clasp. Then, I finished off the purse with satin or other ribbon as the straps of the purse. As you can see, each card has another sheet of paper for your own personal message. These cards are labor-intensive with a lot of detail, which shows a very personal, special touch. It really looks like a real handbag, which all ladies will appreciate. These cards are a wonderful way to celebrate a mother, friend, daughter or sister on Mother's Day. Make someone feel special today.