Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Mother's Day cards...

So, first off, sorry for the two week break on New card Wednesdays. I have had a string of custom orders that made me very busy, so I had no time to squeeze for writing articles. I appreciate those of you who still came by to check in on the new articles.

So, I know that I jumped the gun when I posted my Mother's Day cards before St. Patrick's Day and Easter, but I couldn't wait because I was so enthusiastic about sharing them. Well, in honor of my participation in the Mother's Day mini-boutique and wine tasting on Saturday, May 8th from 2pm-6pm at the Pleasant Hill Wine Merchants shop (, I will be debuting more Mother's Day cards this week and next. Also, there will be Father's Day and wine cards introduced in the coming weeks. Check out the newest ones now!

These are Mother's Day purses! Well, they're cards that look like purses. You create these card purses by using dual-sided, coordinated paper, which you fold once and then cut on an angle on each side. Then, you fold the top of the paper again, which gives it the purse look. I used velcro to "close" the purse and added flower accents (some dipped in glitter with a diamond-like center) that represent the clasp. Then, I finished off the purse with satin or other ribbon as the straps of the purse. As you can see, each card has another sheet of paper for your own personal message. These cards are labor-intensive with a lot of detail, which shows a very personal, special touch. It really looks like a real handbag, which all ladies will appreciate. These cards are a wonderful way to celebrate a mother, friend, daughter or sister on Mother's Day. Make someone feel special today.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New milestones....

Well, this week has been exciting for me because I just started working part-time for James Kring, Inc. (, which is the company that my husband, Omar, works for too. It is a great job because I get to work from home, which makes it convenient and easy to maintain my handmade card business and taking care of Halima. Also, its great to be working with people you already know and like.
In honor of my new job, I thought that I would share cards that reflect another new milestone in your life. Specifically, cards that show your support, love and thoughts for a loved one during an important moment in life: graduation. The following are a sampling of these cards.