Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thank you cards

There are so many times you need to thank someone, when they have given you a gift, had you over for dinner or been a terrific friend - just to name a few. I think that people tend to forget these days that it is important to thank each other. It means so much to receive a thank you card in the mail because that person realizes that 1) you remembered them helping you 2) you are a kind and thoughtful person 3) you are worthy of help again. This relationship of being helped and then thanked is important in your personal life and professional one too. If I was hiring someone, I would remember and think of you again if you sent me a thank you card. I find it difficult to believe in today's busy world that thank you cards are a thing of the past. You see, as long as you like to be thanked, thank you cards are important. Call me old-fashioned, but I think that thank you cards are the one thing that we should expect when we have given a friendly gesture. Join me in the celebration of thank you cards this week on etsy. I am rolling out 10 new thank you cards!

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