Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Welcome to New Card Wednesdays

Hello everyone. Welcome to New Card Wednesdays! This is the first of a series of blog articles that describes the backstory of some memorable cards. The cards that are featured in these articles will be available for sale at my etsy store. Happy reading!

Well, this card has a very funny and lasting impression on me. First of all, the question I am asked all the time is "How do you make cards with a toddler and a puppy?" I always tell them that I work on them while they nap. Which is mostly true but sometimes I work on them when they are playing around the house. Well, on one of those days, Halima, my daughter, and Raisin, my black lab puppy, were romping around the house a little crazier than usual. You see, it had been raining really hard for 5 days straight, all day long, which is unusual for California. They were getting cabin fever. So when my mom arrived to come over for dinner, it completely set them off to the races. I find that both Halima and Raisin just go nuts when anyone comes through the door. I think that they get so excited because they don't really know that someone is coming over (you can't tell a dog and Halima forgets) so its a surprise. Just then, I was about to cut a piece of paper on my papercutter, so I slid the cutter with my finger but on the wrong side. Ouch! It hurt a lot but I didn't see any bleeding. So, I continued to go cook dinner and then came back to the cards. I moved a few, including this one, over to another part of my desk. I noticed that I had two tiny red spots on this card, so I looked at my hand for ink and thought "oh no, its from the ink on my hands". This happens from time to time. Then, I saw a red dot on my very white desk. It was then that I finally thought that I had blood coming from my hands. I looked at the hurt finger and it was dripping blood. This has happened never before. I quickly ran to the sink and washed it. I applied pressure to it with a paper towel and then ran back to my card with another wet paper towel. I thought that I could wipe and clean it off the paper, since it only had been a few minutes. I was able to clean it completely but the paper looked rubbed and faded. So, I decided I needed to cover the area of imperfection by adding a few more embellishments. So I did.
Please look at the beautiful card below. If you hadn't heard the backstory, you'd never know that the two embellishments at the lefthand bottom of the card were not originally there. Thanks to New Card Wednesdays now you know. Now, when you make a purchase from etsy, you will have a story to tell your recepient. Make someone you love feel special today! Stay tuned for next week's New Card Wednesdays!

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